Long Form Journalism


Life After Lacrosse

In Julia MacVain’s on-campus apartment she chops veggies as she prepares dinner for herself. Her life after lacrosse is a healthy one. She is meticulous about what she eats and drinks, she wants to fuel her body efficiently.

First up is the red peppers, she breaks off the stem and cuts the pepper in half. She drags over the trash bin and scoops out the seeds into the trash. Rinsing off the pepper she slices it into long pieces and tosses them into the pan.

Twice a week she does a 6:30 a.m. spin class at the campus recreation center, often lifting weights after class. She is looking into boxing classes in town, trying all different kinds of ways to exercise and actually enjoy it.

She puts the ground turkey into the pan too, adding some taco seasoning it sizzles as she continues to chop.

These are the good days, days when she is free from pain.

“I wanted to stay in my basement for the rest of my life. I just wanted to sleep,” said MacVain about those days after her sixth concussion. “I didn’t even want to eat, I was in that much pain.”

Now eating is enjoyable for MacVain. As she is cooking dinner, her five roommates come bounding in. It’s a Thursday and they just finished their dance rehearsal, so wild and crazy they run around the apartment. Excited for the fun night out they all have planned.

She continues to chop, flipping her long brown hair away from her face. Her roommates are dancing around the kitchen and MacVain just smiles to herself and shakes her head. Life after lacrosse is pretty good.

To read in its entirety: https://www.scribd.com/doc/264239572/Life-is-Tough-Get-a-Helmet?secret_password=IMz2d7JCp8sEz1VZq2oY

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